Family of Defenders Membership

$ 100.00

This membership package is designed to serve an entire household of eco-friendly members! Included in this membership package are household items that assist in reducing your negative environmental impact!

Materials included:


(1) One More Generation "50 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use In Your Home" excerpt (print and pdf) 

(1) One More Generation "20 Ways to Reduce Water Use in Your Home" excerpt (print and pdf)

(1) One More Generation Endangered Species Brochure (print and pdf)

(1) Pocket Guide to Precycling excerpt (print and pdf)

(4) Stainless Steel Foldable Sporks and Carrying Case

(4) Reusable Glass Straws and Carrying Sleeve

(1) Jute Reusable OMG Custom Cloth Bag

(2) OMG Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles

(2) OMG Custom Reusable Cloth Sandwich and Snack Bags

(2) 4-minute Water Saving Shower Timers

(2) Fabric Softening Wool Dryer Balls

(1) Endangered Species Wildlife Defenders Adoption Certificate


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